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Dry Mix Range of Products – For Non Structural Applications:

Ramco Dry Mix Division manufactures pre mixed dry mortars viz. plasters, wall putty and tile adhesive. These premixed dry mortars are manufactured under controlled conditions of selection and blending to suit specific application needs and has numerous advantages over jobsite mixes. The product range for the division comprises of

S.No. Product    Avg Bed Thickness (mm) Coverage (Sq.ft / Kg>) Open Time (Minutes) Tensile Adhesive Strength after 28 days at SC(N/ mm2) Compressive Strength after 28 days (Mpa) Water Demand (Ltrs / Bag) Packing (Kg)
1 Ramco Tile Fix - T1 3 4-4.5 30 >0.50 >10 6-7 25
2 Ramco Tile Fix -T2 3 4-4.5 30 >0.50 >10 6-7 25
3 Ramco Tile Fix - T3 3 4-4.5 30 >1.00 >15 6-7 25
4 Ramco Tile Fix - T4 3 4-4.5 30 >1.00 >15 6-7 25
5 Ramco Tile Fix - T5 6 3-4 30 >1.50 >15 6-7 25
6 Ramco Tile Fix - T6 6 3-4 30 >1.50 >15 6-7 25

Type of Application Ramco Tile Fix
  T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
General Application            
Ceramic - Floor x x        
Ceramic - Wall   x x      
Vitrified / Semi Vitrified - Floor   x x x    
Vitrified / Semi Vitrified - Wall     x x x  
Granite - Floor   x x x    
Granite - Wall       x x  
External Tile Cladding - Ordinary         x  
External Tile Cladding – Water Proof           x
Marble - Floor           x
Marble - Wall         x  
Under Water Applications            
Sunken areas like toilets       x x x
Swimming Pools –Small ceramic Tiles       x x x
Swimming Pools –Glass Mosaic            
Floor Repair Applications            
Ceramic / Vitrified tile –on- mosaic     x x x  
Tile –on-granite       x x  
Tile-on -tile       x x  
Granite-on granite         x  
  1. Ramco Super Fine – Polymer fortified wall putty. It is pre-blended with Portland cement, fillers and chemical admixtures to give world class finish to walls and ceilings.

  2. Features
    • Compressive Strength : 7-12 MPa @ 28 days
    • Tensile adhesive strength > 0.80 N/mm2
    • Pot Life : 1 hour
    • Available in 3 variants ( WOPC based fine & coarse grades and OPC based)

  3. Applications
    • Finishing & Decorating Exterior Walls
    • Finishing & Decorating Interior Walls
    • Can be used on concrete, rendered walls, hollow blocks , precast walls & concrete ceilings

  4. Benefits
    • No Peeling
    • No Flaking
    • No Blistering
    • Excellent bonding with surface
    • Improved life for paint finishes
    • Better Surface hardness
    • Excellent crack resistance
    • Improved breathability

  5. Ramco Tile Fix - Polymer fortified tile adhesive. It is pre-blended with Portland cement, fine aggregates and chemical admixtures to fix all type of tiles viz. ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stones ( marble, mosaic , granite), etc. for interior / exterior floor and wall installations.

  6. Features

    1. Open Time is a general expression for the length of time in which a freshly mixed mortar can be applied
    2. Always use a notch trowel for applying Ramco Tile Fix
    3. The coverage given above is valid under ideal conditions
    4. Pot Life for all range of Ramco Tile Fix is 1 hour

  7. Application

    • Longer Life
    • Excellent Bond Strength
    • No pre soaking of tiles
    • Anti - sagging
    • Easy to use
    • Good Workability

  8. Ramco Super Plaster - Premixed Dry Mortar with graded sand , binders and additives for
    1. Internal & External Application (General Purpose Plaster),
    2. External Application & bathroom walls (Water Repellant Plaster) and for
    3. Ceiling and brick laying Application (Ceiling Plaster)

    • Compressive Strength at the age of 28 Days: 12-15 Mpa
    • Pot life: 1 hour

    • Interior Walls
    • Exterior Walls
    • Ceiling Areas
    • Brick Joints

    • Uniform and better finish
    • Reduction in cracks
    • Enhanced durability and workability
    • Easy application
    • Better pot life

  9. Ramco Super Plaster- Plastering Compound- Non sanded product pre-blended with Portland cement , hydrated lime and chemical admixtures for plastering and mortar applications


    Setting Time (Minutes) Compressive Strength ( Mpa) Soundness
    Initial 120 - 200 3 Days 21-32 Le Chatelier Expansion ( mm) 1.0
    7 Days 28-39
    Final 200-300 28 Days 39-52 Specific Surface ( Sq.M/Kg) 300-380

    Ramco Super Plaster -Plastering compound is used in the same way cement is used. This can be used for all non-structural application. The suggested mix is as follows:

    Application Ramco Super Plaster-Plastering Compound Sand
    External 1 part 4 – parts
    Internal 1 part 4 – 5 parts
    Ceiling 1 part 3 – parts
    Brick/block Mortar 1 part 4 –5 parts

    • Ease of Application
    • Better water retention
    • Cohesive Mix
    • Improved Adhesion
    • Better Strength

    Dry Mix Range of Products – for Non Structural Applications:

    Ramco Super Plaster:
    This Plaster is a cement-lime modified premixed dry mortar with sand and additives for internal and external applications. It is a hassle-free alternative to conventional site mixed plaster.

    Variants of Ramco Super Plaster are:

    General Purpose Plaster:
    Premixed mortar for all types of plastering applications
    Water Repellant Plaster:
    Premixed mortar with water repellant property for external applications
    Brick /Block Mortar:
    Premixed Mortar for brick/block laying.

    Ramco Super Fine Cement-based Putty:
    Ramco Super Fine is a perfect match for walls and a better alternative to gypsum or acrylic putty.

    Ramco Super Fine Cement-based Putty:
    Ramco Tile Fix is a specially-formulated engineered tile adhesive. It is a polymer modified, cement-based and ready-to-use tile adhesive. It is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to fix tiles and it protects the tiles and ensures a long life for floor surfaces.A wide range is available ranging from T1 to T6 depending on application and the required bond strength.

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