Ramco Cements Super Grade
   Ramco Supercrete:

Ramco Supercrete is a specially formulated blended cement manufactured as per IS 1489 which has been used to make High Performance Concrete . This cement is the culmination of R& D efforts , our experience of supplying cement to critical projects and feedback from Civil Engineers.
Ramco Supercrete is packed in very attractive BOPP bags that ensures no spillage and therefore ensures a clean environment. Ramco Supercrete will clearly address the requirements of the premium segment in the market.
Ramco Supercrete comes with the following features

  • Low heat of hydration
  • Early hardening
  • Good workability
  • High Ultimate strength
  • Superior durability
  • High M-SAND compatibility

Advantages of using Supercrete
Concrete using Supercrete enables a concrete technologist to make a high performance concrete.

  • High Compressive strength in Concrete : Using Supercrete enables you to make a concrete with high compressive strength . Even though it’s a blended cement it has the compressive strength of an OPC 53 grade cement. It was observed that even in normal sites using nominal mix proportions 28 day compressive strength of concrete was obtained within 7 days say for example normal concrete at site in rural areas using nominal mix proportions of 1:1.5:3 ( Cement: sand:coarse aggregate) were able to get more than 20 MPa within 7 days . This high rate of gain of compressive strength can be used to get economical mix ( wherever mix design is done) or to remove the formwork at the earliest ( after checking the concrete cube strength to ensure that the concrete has gained the required compressive strength)
  • High workability : Supercrete being a blended cement and using the highest quality pozzolanic material gives a concrete with high workability for the same water cement ratio as compared to other cement brands or types.
  • High durability : By virtue of low heat of hydration in supercrete , concrete is resistant to cracks. The durability as measured by RCPT is less than 2000 coulombs . This is because concrete using Supercrete has a cement paste which is impermeable and dense.
   Ramco Supergrade:

Ramco Cements Super Grade is a PPC grade cement manufactured as per IS 1489 (Part 1):2015.

Ramco Cements Super Grade is produced either by grinding together Portland Cement clinker and pozzolona with addition of gypsum or calcium sulphate, or by intimately and uniformly blending Portland Cement and fine Pozzolona.

World over Ramco Cements Super Grade is preferred due to its ability to produce a durable concrete where the life of a concrete structure is given more importance.

Ramco Cements Super Grade produces less heat of hydration and offers greater resistance to the attack of aggressive waters than normal Portland Cement. Moreover, it reduces the leaching of calcium hydroxide liberated during the setting and hydration of cement.

Ramco Cement 43 Grade (OPC 43):
Ramco Cement OPC 43 confirms to IS 269:2015. The grade is based on the 28-day compressive strength of the cement mortar (tested as per IS 4031), which in this case is not less than 43 MPa.

Ramco Cement 53 grade (OPC 53):
Ramco Cement OPC 53 confirms to IS 269:2015. The grade is based on the 28-day compressive strength of the cement mortar (tested as per IS 4031), which in this case is not less than 53 MPa.

Ramco Sulphate Resisting Cement (SRC):

Ramco SRC is manufactured as per IS 12330. This cement is used in marine conditions where soil or water contains excess sulphates. However SRC is weak in resisting chloride attack.
Hence, wherever chlorides are present in combination with sulphates, it is advisable to consider the usage of  Ramco Cements Super Grade after a detailed examination.
The C3A phase of SRC is maintained at lower values <5%.

Sleeper Grade Cement (53 S):

This cement finds its application in the manufacture of precast products and railway sleepers 53 S Cement is manufactured as per IS 12269 where apart from all requirements of 53 Grade, specific requirements in terms of C3A and C3S need to be adhered to. C3A is limited to 10% and C3S is limited to 45%.

Ramco Cements Super Grade



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